Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Jogging on the ship

I've picked up running again- I stopped running last year so I could have more gym time and focus more on building muscle. But the crew  gym totally sucks, and some of my friends aren't allowed in passenger gyms (we love segregation on ship life... It's so annoying) so running on deck 7 and 8 it is (which they aren't allowed to do that either- so I just go after they leave)

Running is a great stress reliever at midnight- after a long frustrating day I can run my guys out! 3 laps around the ship equals 1 mile
I jog around the corners of the ship and and sprint on straight ways, every time some old person walks out right in front of me as I screech to a hault, if They were walking I could easily shove them out of the way and yell "man over board!" - but they usually come busting out of those doors on a jazzy. The same scooters that run over your toes in the photo gallery, and also knocks over your photo backdrop during portraits! (All I  tell them is to back up a little bit- and they go pedal to the metal, bouncing over the sand bags and knocking the poles and shit! And their frowny facial expression stays the same through the entire crash!)
So, in other words I have to screech to a halt, because I'd be the man getting knocked over board.

Out sister ship had a crew man jump over board in the middle of the night- so they took a detour to circle it's path back- looking for the body... so sad! I always hear people  say "why would someone ever do that?" when talking about suicide, and yeah I don't think suicide is the answer, but you never know what people have been going through.

Some of these jobs are miserable! When I shoot at the LA gangway as people are getting into the ship, I talk to the security guards there and last week this guy was telling me that he's never seen grown men cry until he got started working here.  We usually get a few hours off on land at each port and these foreigners are sobbing because they don't want to go back to life on ship working long hours for crappy pay.

He said it doesn't really happen as much on our ship, but for sure on other cruise lines and ships. LA is currently not letting anyone off the ships except for US citizens, because they've been having problems with philloinos  jumping ship, and never coming back! Ha! I don't blame them :) 

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