Friday, September 18, 2009

Be cool, stay in school!

It's been forever and a day since I've given any updates on my life or gave a shout out to my mom! (she has a blog you know, http://www.morethanabucketofstuff.blogspot.com/ that's what she says if she really likes ya, that she loves you more than a bucket of stuff!)

Anywho, abunch has happened in the last couple of months:

-I moved out of my dumpy old apartment- and into a house(still kind of a ramshackle,but it's fun) the old place was developing fast growing mold under neath the carpets! Sick huh? It really felt like I was walking on a squishy sea monster- which kept growing each day! So now I'm in this house which is also getting eatin alive by ivy- so every time I go out side- i take a hand full of ivy and keep walking, as it come ripping off behind me

- I changed my major- I left Medical Laboratory Science and switched it too... drum roll please... Graphic design! Ha! It's funny to see people's reactions when I tell them I'm going into graphic design- it's kind of like telling someone that you wana be a professional basketball player, cause they say something like "Wow, good luck with that!" but their facial expression says "Doubt that'll ever happen!"
People use to say "Whoa, Medical laboratory- you must be smart!" And then they ask me all sorts of questions about my current job" and now they say "OK... I guess it's good to do something you really enjoy- huh?" while their facial expressions say "Grow up and get a real job!"

Oh well- I really thought hard about this- and talked to lots of people over the last 5 or 6 years- and I finally decided that I can make a living being a graphic design artist- and I should be able to support a family- and just in case that doesn't work out- I'll always have my second major (communications- with a minor in business) to back me up!

Speaking of art, I was chosen as the Artist of the month at work and got to display my paintings on their 2 art walls- which doesn't sound that cool- but I've gotten a bunch of commissions off of that- which I really didn't want, since I'm going to school full time and I already work full time! So I decided to charge them out the nose- and now those few commissions will be paying my rent for the next 5 months! Which is exciting! And I'm working on building a web site because... I'm really not sure why? That's just what all the other artist do- and I might as well jump on the band wagon....
(2 minutes Later) Good news! Wadeup.com isn't taken yet- I just need to figure out how to build a web site- so if any one knows how too, then help me out- if not, then I'll make another blog and pretend that it's my web site! Ha!

- I finally got an assistant to help me out with stupid stuff at work- and really... I feel like I'm working alot harder! Lame!!! Because I'm still doing all my previous jobs, taking up his slack- while doing all of these new job that I got handed from other coworkers! Not cool! So I told my boss that I'm looking for a new job- so then he talked to me about it and then he gave me a promotion and a raise!!! (But I'm still looking for a new job in the company- Less laboratory and more office work- weird huh?) I'm just kinda burnt out of my job, but who isn't sick of their job?

-I painted my room- with out my land lords permission! Ha!

-And I got back into my eBay streak- where I'm bidding and looking up anything and everything online- and who would have guess that you can actually sell human skulls online? not I- They go anywhere from $300 to $2000 So I haven't bought one...yet!

-Oh and can I tell you how great, and grand my summer was? I had so many trips and cruise planned with my friends that there was just no time to take any classes-Non! Not even online classes, because I had a friend who wanted to take me to Spain, some friends who wanted to road trip down to California, some people wanted to go visit Derek up in Alaska and then go on some $300 cruises to different places! What a fun summer huh? Thanks to my flaky friends my summer consisted of working, sitting in utah, and going to dumb old Wendover (which I lost $60) And you would think that I had all this money saved up cause I sat on my keester for all the days- but no, it just burnt a whole in my pocket! Moral of the story is: Be cool, and stay in School! (Summer school, that is!)