Monday, November 8, 2010


I'm back from from Mexico- and had such a great vacation! This is how is started....Happy! Just like this Mexican! I was happy to be in Mexico!!! And happy to not be working or at school! And happy to be at a resort- where I can eat 3 dinners per night! Which, all of a sudden gave me flabby nasty-Love handles, because I couldn't stop feeding my face!

And this is how my vacation ended...
(Warning- this next picture is pretty graphic!)

Puking my guts out in the airport- because I had been drinking the water! Ugh!

But you know what I noticed...? 1 day of puking plus 2 days of not eating because I felt like crap, bounced me back to the exact same weight I was before I left!

Who would have thought?
Maybe I should definitely write a book about this throwing up- and not eating diet! haha!

Anywho, Hope you all have a great Snowy Monday- and if you're not in Utah, then consider your selves lucky! ha!

(PS- I have some fun pictures that are soon to come!)