Monday, March 10, 2014


Everyday I declare this day to be the longest day ever working on a ship, and today is no exception! When I think about things I've done earlier in the day it feel like it was a few days ago.

Uhh... Hold that thought- Right now the ship is currently moving... we are leaving Ensenada and it's only noon, but when taking pictures on the gang way I've been telling all the passengers to be back by 2:30... Haha! I hope they all made it! 

Being with old people, you encounter more awkward farts then normal. Yesterday, in the photo gallery this grandpa walks up to me and says "You know why I stopped here? Because I wanted you to enjoy this smell with me...." as he has his hand on my shoulder and lets out this fart that came straight from hell! It was so bad!!! Ha

Earlier in the week mustache grandma started asking me a question as she was shaking a fart out of her pants, she had to keep shaking her leg back and forth to squeeze them out. Such an intense workout! 

An experience that happens a few times a day is someone farting with every step they take, from one end of the gallery to the other end- meanwhile all my coworkers look at me and say "In my country it's really offensive to pass gas! You never hear people fart!"  Oh yeah!? Please tell me more about this tiny country that no one has heard about and how it's so much better than a place that you've never even been!

I could go on and on about this topic of farting, even our donkey farts- we rent him when we are in Puerto Viarda, for people to get their picture with him, but they have to sedated so he won't bite passengers, Not only does he fart a lot, his man parts like to hang out,! Haha! Makes for great photos ;)

Hope everyone's week is going great- and that you have some great farting stories that happen to you!