Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Eve

Well it's Christmas Eve and the day has totally sucked- customers getting pissed at the stupidest  things, so mad that I'm not putting up pictures fast enough, and so she went to go to my manager, some other guy was mad that we took a picture from him before he was done looking at it, and some grandma ripped me a new one because I answered her question before she had finished asking it... I'm starting to see why people hate Americans... Fat Americans that is! Ha

Whatever, I'm over it!

When ever I need someone to teach me to do something, I get paired up with this short phillopino named Amer (pronounced like America)
He's only been out a week longer then me- so it's the blind leading the blind... That pretty much sums up our working relationship! People ask us where things are on the ship, we both have no clue what going on and totally send them in the wrong direction 

Today I asked him, "why do you always wear your underwear at work parties!? Are you like crazy drunk?"
"These are not underwear, they boxers, Boxer shorts!" They totally are underwear, and they are super high and look super gross.

And at lunch we were sitting in the mess hall, eating in silence at one of the empty tables- all of a sudden he looks up and says, "This... Is food" I'm thinking, what did he just say?
So I responded by saying "yep, it sure is... I just like to feed my face with it!"

Merry Christmas everyone!!! I just turned midnight 
I would send out a million texts and calls, but the wifi is bogged down by other people- same with the phone lines, I can't get to any one- so frustrating 
So on that note, I'm going to head to bed! I keep hearing these Asians on my floor singing happy birthday, maybe they are singing it to Jesus!?

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  1. Hahaha! Every good adventure has to have these kind of days and stories! Keep it up! xoxo