Thursday, December 26, 2013

First day on sea!

Do you ever get your self in weird situations and end up saying to your self...  " oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit! What did i just do?" Yeah- that just happened to me.

Today is my first day as a cruise ship photographer and I'm not sure what to think!

It had been the longest day of my life- my mind is spinning, I'm so lost in this place, not to mention I'm the only American I know... where the heck are they!? 

My goal for the week is to find someone I can totally relate too, a homo- (the europeans on the ship are so gay, but surprisingly straight), an American, or just someone who also thinks it's funny that they served huge Vienna sausages for lunch.


  1. GROSS! Vienna sausages are plastic grossness. Since you are now realizing why people hate Americans, maybe this is a good opportunity to learn to relate to the foreigners. I mean, when in Rome right? Miss you!

  2. Also, PLEASE turn off that annoying number thing you have to type to post a comment. kthanksbye