Monday, November 8, 2010


I'm back from from Mexico- and had such a great vacation! This is how is started....Happy! Just like this Mexican! I was happy to be in Mexico!!! And happy to not be working or at school! And happy to be at a resort- where I can eat 3 dinners per night! Which, all of a sudden gave me flabby nasty-Love handles, because I couldn't stop feeding my face!

And this is how my vacation ended...
(Warning- this next picture is pretty graphic!)

Puking my guts out in the airport- because I had been drinking the water! Ugh!

But you know what I noticed...? 1 day of puking plus 2 days of not eating because I felt like crap, bounced me back to the exact same weight I was before I left!

Who would have thought?
Maybe I should definitely write a book about this throwing up- and not eating diet! haha!

Anywho, Hope you all have a great Snowy Monday- and if you're not in Utah, then consider your selves lucky! ha!

(PS- I have some fun pictures that are soon to come!)

Saturday, June 5, 2010


I just had one of those 'What was I thinking?' Moments...

I have a pool party to go to in 2 hours- and I thought that I could quickly cut my hair before I went-

Problem #1
Doing something quickly with scissors isn't something that I'm good at

Problem #2
when ever I cut my own hair- I can't see the back- so if I can't see it- then I don't cut it which then turns into a Mullet!!!

it's a pool party- meaning your hair is going to get messed up any ways- so why cut your hair in the first place?

Long story made short.... I feel like this guy....

But look like this guy.....

See what I mean?

I'm going to go back and try this again... because it can't get any worst! Wish me luck! Ha!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Farting at work- how classy is that?

Do you ever think that you can fart quietly in your cubical (at work) with out anyone hearing-
But then you totally prove your self wrong? Haha! I just did that!

Anywho, I gotta go- because I’m at work! Over and out ;)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's official... I made it-Twice!

I've been working this whole school year- stressing out about Tryouts to get into the Graphic Design Program! And right before my trip to New York- I found out that I made it into the program! That was so exciting and such a huge relief!

And 2 days ago Garret told me that University of Utah was accepting applications for some jobs on their UPC program- and so I applied for the Associate Director of Design- with in their Marketing group! Long story short- I wasn't planning on making it because I didn't have access to any of my artwork- and I felt under qualified for the position.
But my Dad always says to not put limits on your self- to try out for every opportunity and make employers tell you "No" because you'll never know, unless you try. So I tried out feelig way dumb- becuse I only brought 2 peices with me- and had an interview with 10 people people! (Dang- that was way nerve racking! ha!)
But they called me yesterday to inform me that I got the postion! Exciting huh? So now I'll be incharge of designing the t-shirt and advertizments for UofU

Monday, March 15, 2010

Can I just say...

That my dog is cuter than yours! Ha!

just kidding!

But seriously, It's the best feeling ever to come home to a dog who is crazy about you!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Shout out to my roomates...

And yes, I'm shouting this to my roommate(s)- cause I get so irritated some times!

#1- Call me crazy- but I'm pretty sure that filling up the sink with water does not wash the dishes (no matter how many weeks you soak them for, they just don't wash them selves!) but they do grow mold and a deadly aroma!

#2 Not paying the Internet bill = not having Internet! As with each month, comcast knows who you are, and how to disconnect our Internet! So we should probably pay on time, so we don't have to pay anymore late fees!

#3 Remember how I thought you were dead because your alarm clock was going off for 8 hours straight? Lets try not to make that a daily occurrence! Or better yet- lets learn how to push the Snooze button!

#4 Unscrewing the out door light bulb really doesn't save that much money! It just makes it easier to trip down the stairs! Let's start with every indoor light that gets left on all day and all night while no one is home!

#5 Seriously... how they hell does your brownish/gray under wear get into the washer with my white clothes? that made me gag! And my friends tried to convince me that they are probably mine- but trust me, I don't wear size 56 waist! I really have no clue how those got there! Ha! But I did re-wash my clothes (with lots of bleach)

The End! But if there's anything else this week- I'll defiantly write it on the white board ;)

PS- thanks for finally buying toilet paper! I bet your alot happier now that you're not using newspaper!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mono free is the way to be!

That's right, I got my test results back and I'm completely mono free!
Fewf! I tell ya, it's all fun and games until you think you have mono! then it's the pits! Ha!

Actually, the reason why I think I had mono is cause I was feeling really weird- way tired, head aches, tired musclse- but with no flu like, symptoms (runny nose, couching, and sore throut)

So I decided to google all of my symptoms and- they all pointed to 1 thing! INFECTIOUS MONONUCLEOSIS also known as Mono, the kissing deasease! All the articles that I kept reading, talked about such horror stories- about people being out of school and work all the days, and then having another relaps and still having aches and pains to this day!

I was totally wigging out, so I texted everyone who might have came in contact with me recently ;) and who I've shared a drinks with- and made them think that they probably have mono also! They weren't happy campers! ha!

But this long story (made short) has a good ending, I went to the doctor, who did the test results and told me I was negative!

The end....I sure freaked my self out on that one! Ha!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Stembridge Family Christmas Top 10

Christmas this year was defiantly a fun one to remember- and here are the Top Christmas Events for 2009-

#1 I finished my Christmas shopping with $0.86 left in my bank account- Ha! I'm just glad I didn't over draft!

#2 Me and mom found out what a great team we make- with our mad skills when it comes to building ginger bread houses, and our speedy puzzle building skills- What next...? Amazing race- here we come!

#3 Garret recruited 2 more people for his Christmas eve mooning club- (I'm glad we all know how to act our age in public) Mom totally flipped out when she looked out side to see us doing that (she even blogged about it)

#4 During our Christmas Scavenger hunt, the neighbors came home while we were snooping around their house! ***Awkward*** Cause there's not much we can say to them as they pull up, except "Our next clue said to go look around the scary neighbor's house- and you were the scariest person that came to mind!" Ha! So we just smiled and casually walked away...

#5 We got a new Wii game- which is way fun, but when it's a game that involves team work, it usually brings the worst out of us! Especially the twins- it gets nasty between them! Ha! So you'd never think is was Christmas morning, listening to all the fighting and complaining coming from the family room-

#6 all kids plus all 5 dogs were home for Christmas!

#7 Christmas eve- we have a big dinner and talk about our favorite Christmas memories and then watch the nativity story

#8 Our main Christmas lights kept blowing fuses- so at least the sides of the house looked beautiful! Ha!

#9 The basement toilet was clogged- so dad felt the need to unclog it on Christmas morning (instead of using one of the other 3 bathrooms) The plunger was no use, so Dad got out the Big guns! The Instant Drain Opener! It's pretty much this heavy duty plunger equipped with CO2 cartridges to blast through any drain... can you guess where this is going? also, alittle side note- this is one of the presents Dad gave to mom last year... you should have see her face when she opened it! Ha!

But long story short- my dad didn't use the splash guard, so he and the bathroom were totally covered in toilet water!

#10 Dad ended up using MY towel to wipe up the bathroom- and I didn't find this out til a couple days and a couple showers later! Ha!

Each year we get the same surprise at the end of the Scavenger hunt! PJ's and our Favorite Cereal! ha! Thanks Mom and Dad... and let not forget Santa! He still comes to our house!